Thursday, August 26, 2010

Caden Turns 9

Some (okay a lot!) of my favorite photos over the past 9 years. Unfortunately, the baby photos need to be scanned into the computer as it must have been before the days of us having a digital camera.

Our oldest boy has been through a lot, being a diabetic since before his second birthday he doesn't remember life before it. He is responsible, trustworthy, very brave, and sometimes questions why he has to deal with diabetes and his friends don't. He loves soccer, is learning to play piano and clarinet, and has always had an interest in fish/oceanlife. He can be shy and reserved when he first meets someone new, and is rarely ever in trouble. Actually, he has never even had a warning at school from K-4th grade. Not one! (However, I am wondering if his little sister might more than make up for this when she goes to school!) He loves his school, enjoys learning and we are very proud of all he has accomplished!

He dislikes loud noises, playing outside alone, sleeping in the dark and keeping his room clean. And, unless the book is about fish or dolphins, he thinks reading is a bore.

Can't believe our little boy is already nine! Happy Birthday, Cakers!

We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of Kingergarten...or not!

Poor Preston has been looking forward to starting K all summer, but had to miss today due to the Hand Foot and Mouth disease. He came down with it Friday and five days later he is still getting over it. He had a pretty bad case of it (mainly in his mouth) and didn't eat any food or been able to speak a word from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. He is starting to come around and hopes to have his "first" day of K on Thursday.

Caden was VERY excited for school, woke up on his own at 6:30 got dressed and ready to go. He does really enjoy school but I think he was most excited to look at his teacher's fish tank all day. He absolutely loves fish and it's funny he got put in the only 4th grade classroom with a fish tank. Both kids teachers are super sweet and I think they are going to have a great year. A new student just moved here from out of state with Type I diabetes and they get to sit next to each other in the same class. So I am hoping that is a friendship in the making since Caden has really started to think he is the only boy his age with diabetes. This little boy also has two younger siblings with diabetes! I can't even imagine.

Avery is doing well, started speech therapy last week. She is over a year behind in speech, and for the past 6 months has made minimal progress. She just doesn't pronounce words using the correct sounds 90% of the time. For example, "I have to go Pee Pee" is "De de Tee tee" or something like that. Cup is "da", book is "dut" or something really hard to understand, and Avery is "Adee". She absolutely shows favortism towards the letter "d" and "t". She has trouble with many beginning sounds and rarely ever finishes a word with the correct sound. But, hopefully with some work we can overcome this by the time she goes to preschool next fall.

Two more days until Caden's 9th bday which really means 2 more days of convincing him of something other than what he has asked for: a saltwater fish tank. I am hoping he loves his teachers tank so much he changes his mind (quickly) to a freshwater one!

Friday, August 13, 2010

A few more beach photos

These shots were taken by my brother-in-law. He takes amazing shots!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Lost Photo

This was one of my favorite photos of the summer, and I accidentally erased it. Thanks to Rob, he recovered it for me! The photo is from Granny's camp, Avery and Preston swinging on her swing in the yard.

Back from the beach, back to work, back to school...

Can't believe summer is almost over. My first day back to work is a week from today, although I am theoretically taking a 12 week leave I will still be in and out teaching one course a week, etc. I am looking forward to it and the idea of getting the family back into some sort of routine. Avery will probably start speech therapy, Preston starts kindergarten and Cade is off to the 4th grade. YIKES!

Atlantic Beach was great fun and the kids had a blast at the beach, pool and playing on all Uncle Rob's video gaming systems. My kids don't have DS's or anything like that, so they LOVE to hang out with Uncle Rob! Avery was surprisingly scared of the ocean waves. She is really a good swimmer and not afraid of much of anything, but I think the sounds combined with the salty taste did her in. She did enjoy laying, digging and making a sanding mess in her hair.

The highlight of the trip was the day we spent at Shackleford Banks. So beautiful and quiet. I love beaches that are empty and this one was uncroweded and the waves very calm. Kids searched for shells, caught minnows in their nets, and looked for the wild ponies that live there. Definitely recommend visiting that island (have to arrive by boat) if you're ever near the Crystal Coast area of NC.
So, now unpacking and re-grouping for the next few weeks as we all adjust to new schedules. Kids start school the week of the 24th, fall soccer starts tomorrow, and Preston wants to sign up for gymnastics? Hmm....not sure about that one. Both boys started piano lessons (thanks Aunt Mere!) a few weeks ago and love it. Caden is also taking up the clarinet this fall at school and joining the school band. He has always been such a sports nut, I had no clue he was so into music! Of course, like anything else....we'll see how long this new found enthusiasm lasts!

Overall we had a VERY busy summer but it was great to see a lot of new places we hadn't before. But with 97 degrees forecasted for everyday this week, the arrival of Fall is just fine with me!