Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday Boy over the years...

Caden turned 8 this week, started the third grade and academy soccer. It was a VERY busy week! Here is a glimpse into the past 8 years (well, really last 5 or so years...I didn't download photos on my computer until about his 3rd bday!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never say never

Caden got a hermit crab a few years ago and within 24 hours, the smell that came from it's cage made your eyes burn. It was honestly the most horrid smell we had ever experienced. That crab lasted less than a day in our home and I said I would NEVER get another....

Fast forward to the beach trip....

Yes, we now have two hermit which is called "Batcrab." We are on the third week of having these little guys and so far, they don't stink at all! We had one pinching mishap when Preston picked up "Batcrab" and it clug to his finger with a death grip. Other than that, these things have been the easiest pets we've ever had!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beach Photos 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer is winding down...

I officially have 5 days until I return back to work! Where did the summer go? It flies by faster and faster every year. Caden goes back to school next Wednesday, entering 3rd grade! Wow, that sounds so old! Luckily, Preston still has another year before he is in the big kids school or else I might seriously be depressed! ;)

We all had a great time at the beach, although there was a bit more noise/traffic than we expected. We went to Cherry Grove which is north of North Myrtle. We thought it would be north enough to miss out on the hustle and bustle of Myrtle, but it was still a bit crowded. Also, waking up a couple minutes before 5am to a blaring fire alarm was fun as well! All of us emptied the condo and wondered the halls just to find out that our condo was the ONLY condo with this problem! What luck! I have some interesting photos I'll post later.

On the adoption front, there has been a large number of families getting out of IBESR lately, which is great! Unfortunately, none of those families was us...yet. I am predicting we should be getting out soon, as our coordinator said that IBESR is not requesting any more information from us. But, I won't hold my breath on that one!

Well, that's the update here! Beach photos later!