Monday, April 27, 2009

Golden ticket

So, again, I made my daily check to our orphanage web site for our month photo update....this time I found a golden ticket! :) Every month getting a new photo is like unwrapping a big surprise! Unfortunately, this one is a little sad because she is looking so grown up to me. My friend, Katy, also mailed some photos from our time together in Haiti, so I had a extra surprise today! Thanks, Katy!!!

Here's our 17 months. She was just a tiny 6 month old baby when we accepted her referral. It would be such a dream come true to have her home by this time next year!


I noticed on the IBESR update blog today that a family with 4 bio kids is out of IBESR (got released this month!) This is the first family I have seen get out in a long long time. They had been in since last July!!

Here's hoping this is a huge sign of more to come!!! I haven't received any updates from our O, but any movement at this point is more than welcomed!

Has anyone else heard of any more movement? For a while I have just been hearing "rumors" so I am glad to see someone has actually gotten out! Yeah!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Empty Bed

Mike went out this Saturday at 6am to a yard sale to buy Avery her bed. We saw a beautiful white headboard and footboard on Craigslist and it was getting ready to be sold in a yard sale. He got there bright and early and got the bed before anyone else could get it. It's really pretty and looks vintage but we haven't gotten it together yet. It's solid wood painted white and has a lot of detailed woodwork on it. It was a big step just buying the bed since we still have absolutely no news about our adoption, and we always invisioned Avery arriving this year and needing a crib. But, I am thinking the rate things are moving...a bed will be more appropriate. Now don't get me wrong...we'll have no problem what so ever getting a crib should Avery come home soon!! No problem at all! I am not trying to be pessimistic just realistic!

I keep checking our orphanage web site for an updated photo...nothing yet. We are due for an April photo any day now. It's amazing how one photo can become such a big deal. It's like I am opening one of those Willie Wonka Chocolate bars every time the web site down loads. Instead of a golden ticket I am hoping to see a new photo. So, I'll just keep checking!

We did have a great weekend, although it was a tad too warm (upper 80's.) The boys enjoyed running through the sprinkler, going to the fountain, and playing outside. I have a few photos, but I am too lazy right now to download them.

So that's the update for the past week...a tad boring, yes I agree. Here's hoping this week is much more exciting (common dispensation!)

I'll end with a a few quotes from Preston (our 4 year old):

"Mom, I am no longer affiliated with you."

"Batman and Batman's brother Robin are my best friends."

"Ummm, Mom...You forgot to clean the house!"

And, he had a "mean dream" the other night of being attacked by squirrels....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Help needed

This message is from my neighbor, Laurie's blog, who recently adopted two little guys from Haiti. If you can donate or know anyone interested in making a tax deductable donation, please click on her blog:

Her post: Remember the 2 generators and electrical materials and toilets and refrigerators and washers and dryers and microwaves that were sent to GLA at no cost to them? It was because of many of us pulled together and gave what we could give. Now all of those things are in a port in Haiti and they are requiring GLA to pay $5958 to get them out of customs. Crazy, it is. We are out of funds after paying for all this and the shipping of it. If any of you feel led to donate money to GLA to get these things out of customs PLEASE contact me. It can be tax deductible. Any amount will help them.Other GLA adopters...feel free to pass the word on your blogs as well to see if we can raise the money for GLA. Thanks!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Addition: Oh yeah, and I forgot to add...Why are other third world countries able to process adoptions so efficiently, even though they face a lot of the same issues Haitians do? For example, Ethiopia and Ghana? Adopting from these countries can take as little as a few months after time of referral. It's something I have always wondered, but again, haven't really gotten an answer to. There is obvioulsy a major difference in the manner in which the countries process all the paperwork, and I am just curious what it is. It is sad because many families (who would be wonderful, loving families) will not adopt from Haiti because of the unbearable process...and even though we are choosing to endure, right now I can't really blame them.

Okay, I am just plain confused as to why adoptions (espeically adoptions as of lately) in Haiti take so long. I have asked numerous people this question before, and I am still just as confused, after hearing all their answers. I always get the answer that goes something like this, "It's just Haiti...or that's just the way things run in Haiti."

We have been in IBESR since September which is really not that long in comparison to some other families. We have sent in all the appropriate documents, paid almost all the money required to complete our adoption, been re-fingerprinted right on time, and still our file is collecting dust somewhere in a pile. It is so frustrating when we have done everything correctly, on time as asked, but right now I feel like we are being strung along on a neverending ride with little hope for an ending . I almost feel foolish for even believing our adoption will ever be completed. I feel foolish for buying Avery cute little outfits and painting her room. Lately, friends have been asking, "So, is your little girl coming home soon?" And I tell them, we are no closer now than we were last summer. They of course look puzzled and I just say, "Don't ask me why...because I just don't know."

I just don't understand why my age (being one year too young according to Haitian Law) or having two biological boys is slowing us down. Would they rather Avery have no siblings to play with and love her? And what really does one year difference make in my age?

Ughh....we are just so at a loss for words right now, and I have tried so hard to go with the flow and be patient. But, enough is enough already. Why can't our little girl just come home? Why?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Boys are for making mudpies

Good thing he's got those sweet blue eyes...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun

What could be more fun than welcoming our newest niece into the world! Here are a few photos of Harper Grace, only a few hours old. She is so cute and so tiny! We can't tell yet, if she looks like her big sister, Campbell...time will tell!

Today, the boys enjoyed the afternoon making stepping stones and coloring eggs (I figured might was as well knock out two messy projects at once.)

The sun is out and it's a perfect temperature (mid 60's) and we are enjoying spring!
Happy Easter to all!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Special Birthdays!

Happy Birthday, Mom, and also to our new baby neice who is coming into the world as I type this! We are heading to the hospital shortly to meet her! Can't wait.

Mom you're the best and our blog page does not have enough space to fit all the words we have for how thankful we are for all you do for us!! Enjoy your day and your newest grandbaby!

Wouldn't it be a great birthday present if someone would call us and tell us that Avery's file is moving again? I know my mom would be so grateful!! Can someone make that happen? Anyone? Please???

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


How many more posts, I wonder, where we will have nothing new to report? Every time I write a post that we have nothing new to report, I hope it will be the last! I haven't really heard anything new on the adoption front, other than the same rumors that some files have been released from dispensation, but some have not. I am not sure how much of that is true anyway...I have a feeling much of it is speculation and may not be accurate, but your guess is as good as mine!

This week will be a great week for our family as our new baby neice will be born this Thursday, which is also my mom's birthday! We are so excited to meet her! I am sure I'll be posting some adorable photos later this week!

We also got hit with the stomach bug...AGAIN! How many times can a kid get the bug in their childhood? Preston just turned 4, and I think he's had the bug at least five times. So far Mike as come down with it, Caden and I are in the clear so far... Hopefully, that will be it for quite a while!!

So, as you can tell from this post, I really have absolutely nothing exciting to post about! But there is always tomorrow...right?