Sunday, June 12, 2011

Missed the Month of May

Oops, didn't manage to make a single post during the month of May. We were busy and with school winding down didn't even give it much thought. Anyway, to summarize May:

-Caden's been playing in weekend lax tournaments, mostly in town. This weekend he is in Greensboro. Sitting at lax tournaments in 95 degree heat is not my idea of fun, but he loves it. Preston has been tagging along with Cade and Mike at lax practices. He loves to hang out with is big brother (if only the feeling was mutual.)

-Preston now officially a first grader and is Mr. Smarty-Pants. Or, at least that's my evaluation of him! :) He is now reading chapter books and scored in the 98th percentile for the stardardized testing at the end of the year. He told me that he didn't get any questions wrong, and he was darn close. He missed 2 questions on the entire test over four days of testing. This is the same kid who spray painted our car red, dumped two bags of flour over the entire first floor of the house and got lost at a triathlon. He has come a long way! :)

-Avery is growing taller by the second and soon will be towering over all of us I am afraid. She is lanky, thin, and muscular. Her language is coming along, little by little. We did get her signed up for preschool two days a week for the fall.

We have been doing lots of boating. Papa bought a pontoon boat and all the kids LOVE it. So we go out at least one day over a weekend if not both. The lake water is already like bath water though, so that's a bummer. Not refreshing at all.

Up for June:

More lax, Preston's starts gymnamstics, and spending our days at the pool. Might make a zoo trip this week since it's supposed to drop below 90 for the first time in weeks. Might squeeze in a trip to the Atlanta aquarium as well...and maybe visit our friends in Asheville.

That's the May update...a month late! :)