Monday, September 28, 2009


So the journey to bring our little girl home from Haiti continues to get more confusing by the day. Appparently, there has been a new law (not sure if it's a "law" or just the judges new "rule") that all adoptive parents have to go stand before him in court in order for the adoption to be completed. Even if one parent has already visited their child in Haiti, BOTH parents have to come visit the judge. This is stressing to a lot of families for a few reasons. For one, the cost. Travelling to Haiti can be a little pricey given the airfare, etc., and for both parents that cost is double. Put that on top of the fees we are already paying and monthly child sp0nsorship fees, and well, it is overwhelming. For us, this new law also makes things complicated given our son's Type I diabetes. We can't go really anywhere overnight and leave him behind b/c his pump is too difficult for family members or a babysitter. And I would never bring him to Haiti due to the risk of getting sick and the complications that could arise while being in the country.

On top of all this lovely news....I have heard two rumors. One, that while the parents are in country they can not take their child out of the orphange to their hotel. And two, the judge doesn't really even meet the parents in person but has the parents stand outside a gate. A guard then brings some kind of paperwork for the parents to sign their names and address to, and then he brings the paperwork to the judge. From what I understand, the judge never really lays eyes on the parents.

After hearing all this Saturday night, I had fleeting moments in my mind that we are truly being scammed. We are getting ready to send in more money for our child sponsorship fees and part of me was thinking not to send another dollar because this adoption is turning into one big fiasco. But, then my heart says, it's not Avery's fault and to keep plugging along so she gets a chance to have a family. I just don't understand why this has to be so difficult. I think if adoptive parents could get a few answers it would make the waiting a little easier. But to be left in the dark for what ends up being years of waiting is really just mean. We are trying to help a child and I feel like we are being punished for wanting to do that.

So all it all, it's been just a crappy week for adoption news or lack there of. We are still in IBESR. Once we get out (will we??) eventually we'll get into court/Parquet, which is when this extra trip comes into play.

On a lighter note, yesterday was my little sister's wedding and it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen! I'll be sure to post photos once I get them down loaded. After a Saturday of 60 degrees and pouring rain, Sunday was 78 degrees and sunny skies! Just perfect!

Here's one photo of our little guys right before the wedding.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Avery!

Avery turned two on September 13th and today marks the day we have officially been in IBESR for a full year. I was away in Colorado, so we weren't able to do anything special on her birthday. It seems a little confusing for my kids to celebrate their sister's birthday whom they have never met and don't know when they'll meet.

Since we are still stuck in IBESR, I have tried to block out the whole process for now and try to concentrate on our family, work and every day life. Of course, we still think about her each and everyday, but to dwell on her file, the process, etc., it has become way too exhausting and frustrating. I would have NEVER dreamed in a million years she would spend her 2nd birthday with her file still in the same spot it was when she turned one. I would have bet large amounts of money that she would be home or almost home on her 2nd bday. Boy, was I wrong. But, we are going to wait and wait for little Avery. And, at this point we are hoping she won't get here just in time for her to start college :) We haven't gotten an update photo from our orphange since it's just been one frustration after another!

I spent last weekend with my best college girlfriends from Cornell (minus a couple that couldn't make it) in New Mexico and Colorado. We had a great time and we were able to fit in a bunch of stuff in 2-3 days time! We explored Durango, CO, went horseback riding for a couple hours in the mountains (I was sooooooooooooooo ready to get off my horse), and visited
Mesa Verde National Park. Of course, we chose to visit the most challenging Cliff Dwelling Tour, and climbed a 32 ft ladder and sqeezed through an 18 inch wide tunnel! These girls never take the easy way out and we never sit for a second on these trips! I usually need a vacation to recuperate from these weekends! Not sure yet we we're off to next year....any recommendations? We are thinking Florida, Montana, California or Bald Head Island!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Off to a rocky start...

This week is off to a not so great start. Mike's grandma is in the hospital with a blocked intestine and needs surgery. She just turned 97 years old. My grandma is in the hospital with a possible bleeding ulcer and my grandpa is undergoing radiation therapy for throat cancer. They are all going through a very hard time right now.

Preston is in the ER as I type this (Mike brought him in while I am at home with Caden since it's so late) with a concussion. He was climbing a fence at soccer practice and I told him to get down...which he did. But, he then climbed up again and I didn't see him. He fell and hit his head on the concrete sidewalk. There was no blood or huge bump so I figured he was fine. However, on the way home he get very sleepy, irritable and got sick to his stomach when he got to ER. Right now they are awaiting the results of his CT scan. I am praying it's normal and he'll be home very soon. Poor little guy.

Anyway, I am hoping tomorrow is a better day!
Update: Preston got home with daddy about midnight....scan was fine! Just have to keep a close eye on him for 24 hours. So happy it turned out okay. With two boys we have managed to stay out of ER's for injuries, never had a broken limb or a single stitch. So this caught me off guard! Hope that's it for a while!