Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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Some of our NY friends!

Fun afternoon with our NY cousins

Enjoying one of the last days of summer
Ave's first day of preschool

Boys start the first and fifth grades

Beautiful Hunting Island State Park, SC
Boys love their skim boards

Sneak preview to Dolphin Tale for turning 10!

P starts tumbling and Ave tries out dance

So I fell off the edge of the blogging world for the entire summer. Mike asked yesterday, "What happened to the blog?" Oops, I honestly had been so busy I completely forgot about it for the past couple months. Of course, he could keep up the blog too...but dont' hold your breath on that one.

We did have a great summer, and like always, it flew by much too fast. Spent a lot of time at the pool, as it's really to hot to do anything else. However, I am so thankful my job gives me the summer off so we can spend time together. We visited NY like we always do, kids love going to Granny's. We tried to new beach location this year and went to Harbor Island, SC which was gorgeous but beyond infested with mosquitoes. Did a short trip over Labor Day to Ocean Isle, which still holds the top place on our favorite beaches list. If I could move to the beach, I playing the lottery weekly. Again, not holding my breath on that one either. I contemplated homeschooling, moving to the beach and having boogie boarding class everyday at 9am but not sure that would be the best education for the kids. Of course, they thought it sounded awesome. I am still undecided.

Boys started the first and fifth grades and are loving it. Avery is now in preschool just two mornings a week and seems to be doing well (or let's say I haven't heard otherwise!) What you don't know, can't hurt you, right? :)

Caden turned the big double digits and Avery turned four, which she was thrilled about! She is already got her list of what she wants for her NEXT birthday! Mike made an adorable video, and I'll upload that soon!