Saturday, December 18, 2010

Preston is 6

A little late posting (it's that time of year!) He had a nice 6th birthday on Wednesday. We were supposed to hit the Great Wolf Lodge on Thursday night and the kids were going to skip school Friday, but Mike hurt his back so we had to reschedule to January. Preston did pick out his candy cane cake, opened gifts and we ordered Outback for dinner. His favorite present was Orbeez. Caden loves Orbeez too. Not sure what the fascination is with these things, but it keeps them busy for a while!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

This photo is to blame

I am almost positive this beach photo is to blame for the rash decision to remove the locs. I just ordered it from our photographer and it came in the mail this week. Seeing it reminded me how much I miss her afro/headband style! Hopefully, after getting these locs out, she'll have some hair left on her head for an afro!

Four hours in...

And only 15 locs out. About 200 left. Yes, I am taking Avery's Sisterlocs out. I know, what a waste of time, and as my husband likes to frequently remind me (MONEY!) but I really thought I would love these. They ARE so convenient. I haven't had to lay a finger on her hair since we got them put in. We went for one re-tightening session and that was also very uneventful and easy.

But, from day one I was not in love at all with how they looked on her. I thought after a few months time they would grow a little, and therefore grow on me, but they haven't. (They have grown a little....but haven't grown on me!) I miss her afro poof hair, pig-tails and fancy beads. And, until the locs grow for another 1-2 years there was really nothing I could do with them. Nothing at all.

So, we spend four hours today trying to work those little locs out. WHAT A PAIN but they are coming out little by little. I would guess it takes 5-10 minutes per loc and we have at least 200 more to get out. I plan on doing 5-10 each day, so yes, we should be done by the time she can drive.

Anyway, I think she just looks more like "Avery" with her hair the way it used to be. My husband thinks I have lost my mind but he is used to my antics. So, he gave me a fuss for just a little while. So I am praying.....

1. That I can get them all out
2. I won't want them put back in as soon as I am finshed! :)

So that battle with hair continues...and Monique (our hair girl) is SOOO not going to be happy.