Monday, February 28, 2011

Bad Blogger

I am pondering shutting down the blog....just don't have time to keep it going (or enough creative juices flowing in my mind to think of things to write about!) We have had a pretty routine couple of weeks and now that spring is here (it was 80 degrees yesterday) the boys are well-underway with sports, sports and more sports. Caden had four soccer games back to back on Saturday and he rarely gets a sub. So needless to say he got his workout for the day. Preston had lax and Mike had lax practice for the team (or one of the many teams) he coaches. Sunday was more lax for both Mike and Cade. We're always out and about on the weekends it seems but it's hard to deny kids activities they love so for now we make it work.

Off topic...any advice on where to bring a 3 year old with bad behavior? Miss Avery only listens to me. If I am around she is abnormally good. If I not around, she is abnormally bad. Whines, talks back, won't share, has a temper tantrum, puts her fingers in her mouth, squirms all over the floor, runs/jumps all over the house, etc. If I ask her why, she just responds with "I want to be good, or I don't want to be bad." She has had these behaviors since she came home over a year ago and there really hasn't been much change. Any advice on what to do or who might be able to help? Is it a child psychologist? A behavioral therapist? Both? Are they covered by insurance? Is she too young to get help with her behavior?

I have tried everything. Not making a big deal out of bad behavior, making a big deal, sitting on her bed, chair, or standing in the corner. Nothing sinks in. She fidgets, squirms, makes some strange noises (on and off), copies everything anyone says (but I think this is part of her learning the language) but needless to say these behaviors are wearing us out. So, if anyone has ANY ideas...please feel free to share! :)


Laurie said...

I don't really have advice for you, but rather want to say that I understand. My boys will behave for me, for the most part. But the minute someone else is watching them (even their Daddy), they will pull every stunt in the book that they are NOT allowed to do and they know it. It DRIVES ME NUTS because I want to be able to trust them and know that they will be good for other people. Other people won't punish them consistently like I do and they know that. Of course I'm the bad guy. I always tell people that keep them to stay on top of them or it will get out of control. People are way too soft on them though, because they only have them for a couple hours or so. And it's rare that I DO let others watch them b/c I don't want them misbehaving.

Avery is young and I can't remember when I started this with the boys (they are 4 1/2 now) but we talk A LOT about TRUST. I use that word a lot with them and tell them if I can trust them life is a lot more fun and they have a lot more freedom (that's another word we use a lot). I know they don't totally get it but they will.

I know I will not catch every thing they do when I'm not around. I've started to tell them that even if no one catches you doing bad choices, your heart still knows it's a bad choice and it's wrong.

I don't think it's ever too early to speak truth to them.

It's so hard to know what to do all the time with them and I wonder if I'm messing up like crazy. I'm relying on God's grace to cover all my parenting mistakes!!

Looking forward to the summer when we can see each other at the pool some and chat then. Oh summer, come on! :)