Monday, June 14, 2010

We love the mountains!

Just got back from a 3 day weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains. LOVE IT. The mountains are about 1 1/2-2 hours from our house and the temperature difference is about 10-15 degrees cooler there. We enjoyed upper 70's and when we got out of the van here it was 95! YUCK.

We stayed in a little cabin on at Springmaid Mountain. It was a cute place, lots of beautiful scenery. There were 6 fishing ponds, unfortunately, didn't seem to have many fish in them. Boys had a great time gem mining at Emerald Village in Little Switzerland, NC. Not sure they struck it rich, but they had fun trying to! Avery unfortunately had a stomach virus or something all day, so she was definitely not herself. But, we brought supplies and she came along (basically slept in her stroller) so the whole day wasn't wasted. She was so quiet and slept all day I don't think she muttered a word until later that night. She had a pretty high fever too. Poor thing.

Why do kids always wait until a vacation to get sick?

We also visited Linville Caverns, Grandfather Mountain, and ate at Pizzart. Preston cried last night because he wants to live there. I have to agree, what a great place it is! We'll definitely go back again soon next time to fit in some river rafting!


Kathy C. said...

That sounds like fun. All we have are beaches.

God's Grace said...

Gosh I'm jealous! Love the mountains! I never get to read blogs anymore so it was nice "seeing" you all! Terry