Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Break

We are getting ready to head out to a wedding this weekend...busy getting things done before the trip! Nothing new at all to report on the adoption front. I have heard of a few families (some who have waited almost 2 years in IBESR!) getting out of IBESR this past week. So that is good news that things are starting to move in the right direction or at least, that's what we are hoping is the case.

I have kind of lost the blogging mood, as you can tell from my lack-luster-once per week- posts. Not that we aren't up to's just not as exciting as it would be if I had something about our adoption to report. The boys have been keeping me busy, so busy it's a good thing I am off for the summer. I don't have time to work! :) Summer break officially started for me last week, but I was in a week long workshop, so this week I have been enjoying my days off thoroughly! Summer swim team has started up, Caden has been trying out for Academy soccer and Preston...he keeps me hopping 24/7. We did officially end one of Caden's numerous sports today, tennis. He likes tennis, but since he doesn't LOVE it...and also plays, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, etc., I said it was time for a much needed break! I think he is happy too, to have one less activity to run off to after school. Now, I am thinking about teaching the boys violin. I played violin (quite well I might add!) for 9 years and I am contemplating starting both of them this summer. We'll see if they or I have the patience for it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and Happy Memorial Day! Maybe I'll have something exciting to blog about next week!


Amanda said...

summers are always busy, busy, busy!

have a great trip and come back refreshed, and we'll keep praying for good adoption news!

Katy said...

Enjoy the break!!! (though it sounds like you'll be keeping busy!) I hope it ends soon with some breaking NEWS!!!

Kathy C. said...

You need a break girl!!!