Friday, May 1, 2009

1 year 1 day

Our ticker counter at the bottom of the web page is official over a 1 year wait since our dossier arrived in Haiti...and we are definitely not as far along as we had hoped. But, that is the way it goes not only for us for many other waiting families.

Now, the question is...will Avery be home before the ticker reaching 2 years? I am hopefully but definitely not confident in that prediction. Only time will tell....I am thinking about going to visit her again this summer, if I can go on one of the scheduled trips to our O. Summer in Haiti...I can't even imagine!! But totally worth it to hold her again.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Tonight is 2 soccer games and tomorrow bright and early is Caden's First Communion. The we are having a party with one of his best friends who is also making his first communion.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hoping we all hear some great news from Haiti very soon! Like today would be perfect!


Kathy C. said...

I'm glad you started your counter when your dossier arrived. Some people start it when they chose their child and that adds a lot of time. I applied Oct 22, '06 but just missed Linda who was off to Haiti for a month. Then I had to find someone who could do an international homestudy which then sat in authentication and legalization for ever and only actually was turned in May 27, 07.

The wait is hard. And it's hard to see people with their children home who started after us. Eventually something has to give way with this paperwork, right?????

Hang in there. It sounds like you have an exciting weekend coming up.

Katy said...

Argh!! Not an anniversary you want to celebrate....I passed that mark and I DO NOT want to hit the two year one....PLEASE Lord MOVE this process!!! Still praying. I hope the first communion celebration was a great one.

Julie said...

Summer in Haiti is so worth it to have those arms around your neck!!!

Hope you hear some good news soon. I know so many of us have been praying for and looking for that!

Blessings on your journey.