Thursday, May 28, 2009

Girl's Getaway

This weekend I am heading out for a mini vacation with some of my best friends, who are also my coworkers (strange I know!) Anyway, we are leaving tomorrow for Seabrook Island! I have never been there and I am really looking forward to it! I have the bloody mary mix, vodka, wine, and water all packed....oh yeah, and sunblock! The essentials!
Hopefully Mike can keep the weekend's activities under control. I am missing out on...a bowling field trip with Caden's class, Sports Festival at school, our garage sale (Mike is going to manage it) and a birthday party! Guess I picked a good weekend to get away!

I have what I think is a stress fracture in my right shin and a sore left knee, after trying to get in shape in one week's time. Not a brilliant idea, considering my lack of exercise in the past 8 months!! So, even though I may be hobbling along...I'll still be sipping drinks and soaking up the sun in SC!

And as I end all posts...hopefully news of getting out of IBESR!!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road Trip

We just got back from Meadville, PA for Uncle John's wedding! Finally after dating Marcy for about 5 years (and he is 40+ years old!) ...he tied the knot! As Mike said in his bestman speech...."John will get married when pig's fly...well, swine flu!" We had a good time at the wedding and visiting with family who we hadn't seen in a long time. Here's a cell phone photo of Caden, Preston and their two cousins who they only get to see about once a year. They all enjoyed swimming at the hotel pool (even though the deck was carpeted and creeped me out.) The Days Inn was definitely in severe need of renovations, but it was the only hotel in Meadville with a pool.

On the way home, we decided to take and extra day and do something fun! We contemplated Niagara Falls but that would have added 4 hours to our trip. Plus, being a holiday weekend, we envisioned traffic jams and we just weren't looking to spend the day in a mess. So, we opted for the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. It was a nice zoo...not the best we've been to, but the boys had a good time. I'll download more pictures this week. Here's a photo from after the boys walked the entire zoo. Needless to say, they were a little worn out!

When we arrived home, I went straight to look through a pile of email from the past 4 days....specifically searching from one with the subject "Out of IBESR!" luck! Still hoping this month we'll get out and move on to the next step!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blog Break

We are getting ready to head out to a wedding this weekend...busy getting things done before the trip! Nothing new at all to report on the adoption front. I have heard of a few families (some who have waited almost 2 years in IBESR!) getting out of IBESR this past week. So that is good news that things are starting to move in the right direction or at least, that's what we are hoping is the case.

I have kind of lost the blogging mood, as you can tell from my lack-luster-once per week- posts. Not that we aren't up to's just not as exciting as it would be if I had something about our adoption to report. The boys have been keeping me busy, so busy it's a good thing I am off for the summer. I don't have time to work! :) Summer break officially started for me last week, but I was in a week long workshop, so this week I have been enjoying my days off thoroughly! Summer swim team has started up, Caden has been trying out for Academy soccer and Preston...he keeps me hopping 24/7. We did officially end one of Caden's numerous sports today, tennis. He likes tennis, but since he doesn't LOVE it...and also plays, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, etc., I said it was time for a much needed break! I think he is happy too, to have one less activity to run off to after school. Now, I am thinking about teaching the boys violin. I played violin (quite well I might add!) for 9 years and I am contemplating starting both of them this summer. We'll see if they or I have the patience for it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful long weekend and Happy Memorial Day! Maybe I'll have something exciting to blog about next week!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to Haiti?

I am contemplating a trip back to Haiti this July to see little Avery again. I really wasn't planning on going back until the official pick up date, but since that date is not arriving anytime soon, I feel compelled to see her again. Mike would stay back with the boys, while I go visit, photograph and snuggle with her. It is our wedding anniversary gift to each other, getting the chance to record more photographs of her while she's so little since we are missing out on so many milestones.

I am hesitant because it was so hard to leave her last time and I can imagine it will be even harder this time knowing how much longer we have to wait (last time I was overly optimistic...thinking we may have her home by summer.) I also got REALLY sick a week after I got home with what some people thought may have been a mild form of Dengue Fever. My bones (especially my ribs) felt like they were breaking anytime I moved. I remember thinking it was one of the worst illnesses I have ever experienced. I had to get an ultrasound of my abdomen it hurt so bad, the doctor was concerned it was Hepatitis.

There was also the AHEMMMMM....constant diarrhea from Avery all day and all night! I would definitely be more prepared this time and bring lots of zip lock and/or trash bags to keep the smell contained!

Considering I am not a fan of hot weather, I am sure it will be a bit steamy in Haiti that time of year....but it's all worth it to hold her again. So, I am awaiting details of the trip and deciding whether or not we can afford it.

And finally...Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there...especially those who are going yet another Mother's Day without their children home.

Friday, May 1, 2009

1 year 1 day

Our ticker counter at the bottom of the web page is official over a 1 year wait since our dossier arrived in Haiti...and we are definitely not as far along as we had hoped. But, that is the way it goes not only for us for many other waiting families.

Now, the question is...will Avery be home before the ticker reaching 2 years? I am hopefully but definitely not confident in that prediction. Only time will tell....I am thinking about going to visit her again this summer, if I can go on one of the scheduled trips to our O. Summer in Haiti...I can't even imagine!! But totally worth it to hold her again.

We have a busy weekend coming up. Tonight is 2 soccer games and tomorrow bright and early is Caden's First Communion. The we are having a party with one of his best friends who is also making his first communion.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hoping we all hear some great news from Haiti very soon! Like today would be perfect!